Born in the post war era of 1947 and raised in the farm country of upstate New York, MF Burbaugh saw ground level life and death.

In school, all the way into college he was an avid reader which put him in trouble as often as not. He had already read required reading books assigned as many as several years before and refused to reread them.

From sixth grade on the requirement to read and report on a book a month again found him at odds. Seems DC Comics and Playboy were not considered valid for book reports so he made them up. Author, title, and storyline, from scratch, thus began his career as a story teller.

Joining the Army in 1966 and spending almost two years in Vietnam, he added to his grounding of reality, a reality his friends back home would never understand. He wrote his first novella there on toilet tissue while in Vietnam (not the soft fluffy stuff we use today) and after 21 years in the Army, 2 children, three grandchildren and two great grandchildren he now resides with his wife of forty six years in El Paso, Texas.

He writes books, mostly in the sci-fi/fantasy genre.

Author of several books and short stories, The Bounty Hunter and Remnants are the latest available in eBook and paperback though Amazon and Barns & Noble as well as other sites.

He is published by IFWG Publishing as well as some self-published eBooks.
My goal as a writer is to write the perfect words when combined with the imagination of a reader allows one to get lost in a world of the mind and escape reality if only for a little while. To cause them to be late to work or to bed. To maybe say at it's ending, 'Well done.' Sorry, I have no grand enlightenment. That is the job of the wacko's and politicians.
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From the Editor of IFWG Publishing about El Paso Author MF Burbaugh.

First cab off the rank, coming out early in 2011, was Circle of Seven, a fantasy novel by MF Burbaugh, our most prolific of writers. We fell in love with this story as it had a sweeping epic fantasy feel about it, and yet it had a science fiction undercurrent. I wouldn't strictly classify it as a 'science fantasy' - fantasy it mostly is, what with original takes on many fantasy-style races, and quests - but Burbaugh paints this canvas beautifully and it is worth delving into this strange, mystical world.

MF Burbaugh did it again with us with the publication of We Were Legends, this time a science fiction with a smattering of fantasy. I think that the author has a strong leaning toward cross-genre writing. This story is about an astronaut, Jake, who crashes onto a dying world, and with the help of his on-board computer, integrates into a strange humanoid culture, but not before he profoundly influences them. Survival, and adventure. This story is the first of many in a series, the next, Blood Sabers, will be out this year.

One of our early family members...
Ernst BURBACH was born in 1657 of Huttengesass, Hessen-Nassau, Kassel, Prussia. He died on Dec 19 1728 in Huttengesass, Hessen-Nassau, Prussia. This is probablily the father of Conrad. The only Burbach who died at Huttengsass and the age to be the father of Conrad. He was married to Mrs Ernst BURBACH.
33. Mrs Ernst BURBACH was born in 1652 of Huttengesass, Hessen-Nassau, Kassel, Prussia. She died on May 12 1730 in Huttengesass, Hessen-Nassau, Prussia.

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